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Talking About Grief

To me grief is like the ocean waves. It can grab you and drive you down into the depths of the darkness, drag you across the rocks, stick you in a crevice or two, and then it eases up so you can swim back to the surface. When you come back up, you are cut and bruised, and in a way different part of the planet, gasping for air. You start swimming again for the shore, and sometimes you make it, and sometimes the clouds roll in before you make the shore, and the waves get you again.

Do they have a T-Shirt for that?

I have been working on a design for a T-Shirt for Grief Beach. It is not as easy as you would think. I want to get my message across with as few words as possible. I want it to look awesome. I want men and women to like it. And I want it to be … Continue reading »

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My Grief Path

I became a mother at age 19, was a stay at home mom, and totally enjoyed and idolized my son. His name was Terry. When I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter Mindy, I wrecked my car, and my son died.  My daughter survived safely nestled inside my belly. So there I was 21 … Continue reading »

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