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Becoming Bigger Than Our Pain


Empowerment For Grief

What will empower YOU to jump back into life? 

We share our love to help you find the way to

Heal your Heart,

Find Peace, and Allow Joy back into your life.

One way to find strength is through learning about other’s journeys. I share my journey with you.

I felt so very alone through much of my grief, as I lived it pre-internet. I share my story below, wrote over 20 years ago, as a young woman struggling through my grief the only way I knew how. During my second journey with child loss, I personally didn’t know anyone with multiple child loss, I just knew the painful days ahead. Now with the web there is so much support and help to find! We only have to open our eyes and look.

A Grief Support Guidebook!


Nobody wants to talk about death or illness.

Are you emotionally prepared to help others?

begining bigger than our pain book

Becoming Bigger Than Our Pain ~ Thru Love & Courage

Although this book was born from the pain of child loss, it is about grief support from any loss. We grieve differently from a loss of a friend, sibling, parent, relative, child, or pet. We are each individuals in our grief journey, but truly grief is grief. I give suggestions for supporting someone grieving a loss. There is no tape measure for pain, and my child loss is different from my pet loss, although after 15 years my dog was as much a family member as the rest of us. They both hurt my heart, in different ways, there is no comparison, it is the pain of grief. One loss is more painful, and harder to recover from, but in the end they are both part of my grief journey.

Becoming Bigger Than Our Pain is more than just a self-help book and unlike any other book on grieving you’ll find in your local bookstore. It’s about how to help others who are dealing with a life threatening situation or death of a loved one. It is a guide on what to say and do to help others in that situation, and also what not to do.

This book is based on the experiences of the Author, not an autobiography, but a peek into the pain of losing two children in very different ways. She lost her first son in a car accident, and then 8 years later her fourth son to cancer. Sandy Brosam gently guides the reader through the do’s and don’ts and explains briefly why.

Becoming Bigger Than Our Pain tells the emotional story of losing a child, then presents suggestions and ideas for helping others who may be experiencing a life threatening situation or death of a loved one.

Written from the heart with total candor this book empowers others to reach down into their souls and find the strength to help themselves and others. Augmented with letters of love from readers of the first edition and poems for solace, this enlightening guide demonstrates that pain is often beyond words, but never beyond love.

Becoming Bigger Than Our Pain – PDF – Paperback

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Becoming Bigger Than Our Pain – PDF
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